Emiliano Deferrari

Emiliano Deferrari

Photo by Marta De Martini

Emiliano was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1977.
He started playing guitar at 6 and recording his own music at 11.
He played and sang jazz, rock and world music with different bands in Italy.
In 2005, after settling in Rome, he produced his first solo album SO_LO with Rattsburg Records, with great reviews.
Since then he started touring Italy with his solo show with guitar, voice and effects.
Between 2007/2011, Emiliano toured as THE LOOP DUO with Adriano Arena, with guitars, voices and live loops, producing an album (THE LOOP DUO/BMA and Rattsburg, 2009).
In 2009/2010, he produced new e-EPs (O.S.T./Rattsburg, 2009 and LIGHT EARS/Rattsburg 2010).
Since 2008 and extensively after 2011 he's been working on the project NANAUE with fellow musician Matteo Nahum.
Between 2011 and 2017 they published 8 singles (Rattsburg Records and Gutenberg Music) and 1 album (NANAUE/Gutenberg Music, 2013) plus 3 recordings for tribute albums of Italian prog label Mellow Records.
In 2014 Emiliano moved to Brussels, Belgium. In September 2017 he re-published his seminal album "Small Engines" (2002, Rattsburg).

2018 is the year of MONTY, mixed by Matteo Nahum and mastered by Nate Wood, and the year of finalizing the second long-awaited Nanaue's album!

NANAUE - Matteo Nahum (composer, arranger, multi-instrimentalist) and Emiliano Deferrari

Photo by Marta De Martini

Nanaue is the name of a band, of a song and of an album.

Every incarnation of this name, like the duo of composers formed by Emiliano Deferrari and Matteo Nahum, their album – out (SIC!) for Gutenberg Music – , and it’s title track – narrating of a creature and its irreconcilable fight between the sweetness of love and the carnivorous smell of blood – , can be described using the same words: freedom of writing, creativity, anachronistic passion for story telling, perfect marriage between free inspiration, sweat of performance and formal research.

The marriage would turn out to be scandalous, but listening to the pulsating rhythm section, the theatrical way of singing stories, together with the pureness of strings melted with woods and brasses don’t leave any doubt.

Talking of rock, prog, song-writing, avant-pop doesn’t bring any far from Nanaue, but it doesn’t fully describe its intricacy.

For those who search for labels, maybe “art rock” is the one that fits better, especially because Matteo Nahum and Emiliano Deferrari, both multi-instrumentalists, come to this project after many solo works and the most different artistic collaborations, strictly musical (jass, prog, song-writing, klezmer) but also related to dance, theatre, performances and visual art.

Nanaue is a band and writes songs, and many of them are published by Rattsburg Records, in the unusual form of singles and Christmas singles!

They are working on the long-awaited second album which will be the most funka-progga-popdelic production of their career.

Matteo Nahum - Composer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, film scorer, audio engineer.

Photo by Marta De Martini

Musician for his whole life, piano student at six, rock guitarist for rebellion at 16 (and guitarist since then…), later graduated in classical guitar while learning the secrets of jazz harmony. Cinema burst into his life at 19 and since then it was love for writing music for stories. He started with theatre and with short movies, that he still loves to do, meanwhile he was studying classical composition and recording techniques. Finally, he fine-tuned his abilities completing the Master in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games at Berklee College of Music. He is one half of Nanaue and present in many albums of italian and international artists as guitar player, arranger, mixman.