Nanaue publishes his first full band show! It is time to look back to a particular date: 12/12/12. On that day, the Teatro della Tosse in Genoa opened its doors to Nanaue, to record the first “full band” concert, together with Elisa Montaldo, Laura Passera, Daniele Pinceti, and Marco Biggi. The video footage was used to release our first 2 official videoclips (Sleepy Drive and Charming Gaze) and a promo to advertise our shows. But we have taken for more than 10 years one hour of music and images on the shelves.

Until today!

Now you can listen to that seminal live show, where the music of the first album “Nanaue” was already melting with the numbers of the second “28IF” coming out after 9 years in 2021.

Don't loose your chance to listen to “21*21*21”, get your high-res download and watch the concert!

Released October 26, 2023.*12*12 

Nanaue "12 * 12 * 12" cover, made by Bruna Chiarle

Nanaue is back! The time for instant singles and movie songs is up, and 8 years after the first long playing, we are proud to announce the release of a new album called "28IF" available for purchare in luxurious digipack CD format and hi-res download on Bandcamp.

The work is a stunning musical journey you don't want to miss, crafted by some of the best musicians and professionals in Europe.

A first single and videoclip will be published on social media and youtube on the 12th of November.

Christmas pre-order is already available at the following link, don't loose your chance to listen to 28IF while trimming the tree or greeting your beloved ones with a copy of this gem.

Released November 26, 2021  

Nanaue new album "28IF" cover, made by Geert De Taeye

Emiliano Deferrari, Marco Machera. 

They call it non-idiomatic free improvisation. We don’t agree 100% with the definition, it’s a philosophical quarrel, but that is what we do.

The album is documenting an excerpt from two recording sessions on cold mornings in March and May 2019 in Brussels, at Monty Studio. 

Two condenser microphones in the room plus a dynamic one pointed on a twin reverb, to capture the sound of Emiliano Deferrari and Marco Machera improvising on acoustic and jazz guitars, baglama, violin and objects found in the studio. No overdubs, no post-production, a rough mixing and a transparent pre-mastering. 

The beauty of the moment without pre-ordered languages to fit into, not against but beyond rules. Available in CD and high-res downloads.

released November 15, 2019

Produced by Emilano Deferrari and Marco Machera